Precise Ground Preparation With Earthmoving Equipment

Precise Ground Preparation With Earthmoving Equipment

Have you ever taken the time to watch a piece of earthmoving equipment such as a bobcat or an excavator at work in the hands of an experienced operator? If you haven’t, next time you get the opportunity, just observe, even for a few minutes and you will soon be marvelling at the skill and precision required.

Skill and Precision Tames Big Machines

The operators handle these large machines as easily as if they were motor cycles, shaping and contouring the earth to exact measurements, digging trenches in a straight line with a uniform depth throughout. Swimming pool extractions featuring steps are cut with ease and rough, uneven blocks of land are smoothed and levelled ready for construction.

It is no surprise then, that these are the type of skilled operators who work for us here at Dee Gees Bobcats. Our people take pride in their work and use their knowledge and experience to produce work that is accurate and precise. We specialise in construction work like excavations, trenching and demolitions as well as landscaping and site preparation.

Ground Levelling Essential for Accurate Foundations

No discussion of accuracy and precision would be complete without offering ground levelling as a prime example. Most modern homes are now built on concrete slabs, so the preparation work must be completely level to ensure that when the slab is poured, the foundations are also level. The accuracy of the work at ground level ensures that the rest of the construction is accurate.

Paths and Driveways Need a Level Base

Levelling work is just as important in landscaping projects. Paths and driveways, for example, need to be smooth to be safe. Pool surrounds are usually tiled, so the base must be level to prevent the tiles becoming a dangerous tripping hazard. This applies equally whether we are doing a private home or a large residential complex.

Machine Levelling an Efficient Way to Turf a Large Area

Turf preparation is another situation where starting with a level site will result in a smooth, easy to mow grassed surface as the finished result. Old turf is removed first, and a quality soil base installed, which must be levelled before any turf is laid.

It is a mistake to assume that a few lumps and bumps on the site will be hidden under the new turf. They will be obvious and will obstruct any other site additions such as outdoor seating or play equipment. On a large area, machine levelling will produce a perfect result in a fraction of the time.

Whether we are preparing a small suburban site or a large car park in an industrial estate, our operators are experts at guiding their machinery to produce the best prepared and levelled sites possible.

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