Remove Unwanted Tree Stumps Before They Cause Problems

Remove Unwanted Tree Stumps Before They Cause Problems

Have you recently had a large tree in your yard lopped, but haven’t taken the next step and had the tree stump removed? Perhaps, at the time, it was a question of the extra cost, or maybe the removal of the tree was your priority, with the stump something you would think about later. You may even have thought that the stump was harmless, and you just forgot about it.

Overgrown Stumps a Tripping Hazard

There are several good reasons why the complete removal of that stump is necessary and the first one is that it’s a safety hazard. If it becomes overgrown and hidden from sight, it immediately becomes a tripping hazard to occupants and visitors alike, which could result in a serious injury. Also, depending on the type of tree, some stumps throw out new shoots that if left unchecked, will grow into trees and resume the cycle.

Termites Love Rotting Tree Stumps

Queensland’s climate is perfect for the many insects we welcome into our gardens for the benefits they bring, but the termite is not one of them. A rotting stump left in the ground is the perfect habitat for termites, and once they are established, they will use it as a base from which to explore the rest of your garden, the foundations of your home, your garden sheds, fencing and anything else that will sustain the primary nest.

We see evidence of this all too often at Dee Gees Bobcats. Situations like these could have been avoided if the property owners had contacted us to remove the unwanted tree stumps. We have the right equipment and the experienced operators readily available to do a wide range of excavation, earthmoving and other similar work.

Uncontrolled Root Systems Expensive to Control

Tree stumps can also cause other types of damage, especially if new shoots are growing in unwanted places. These shoots put pressure on pathways, driveways, dividing fences, drains, and water and sewerage pipes. Any one of these events will be expensive to repair, especially if the roots have invaded adjoining properties and caused further damage. Not only will the property owner have to deal with the repairs, but any inconvenience to a neighbour may also damage an otherwise congenial relationship.

Find a Better Use for the Space

Finally, an unwanted stump takes up space the owners could otherwise use for new gardens, perhaps a fishpond, a bird bath, a water feature or an outdoor living area. Why not have a new deck complete with a day bed instead of a rotting, old stump that is just causing further problems? Give us a call and we will take care of it.

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