Some Things Are Best Left To Experts

Some Things Are Best Left To Experts

South-east Queensland is well-known for its late-afternoon thunderstorms and the devastation they cause. Our storms can vary from an average thunder and lightning show, some wind and rain to an event of such ferocity that the affected areas are left with unroofed properties, hail damage, flash flooding and debris strewn across whole suburbs.

Large Tree Stumps can be a Hazard

In the average backyard, damage to gardens is inevitable, and even mature trees can lose large limbs or even see the whole tree destroyed. Once the clean-up is complete, the only evidence that a large, leafy tree once shaded the yard is the tree stump. The property owner may decide that the stump is not a hazard and will leave it to break down naturally, or that it needs to go as soon as possible.

Equipment and Knowledge Make Light Work

Even though the owners may be tempted to remove the stump themselves, there are several compelling reasons for bringing in an expert. They have the correct equipment, the skills to use it efficiently, experience in handling a range of situations, knowledge of council regulations and safety practices, and the requisite insurances should something unexpected happen.

Our company, Dee Gees Bobcats, regularly performs stump removals and we caution against this work being done by amateurs. Our people are competent operators of bobcats, excavators, rock breakers, posthole borers and other ancillary equipment. They have the experience and knowledge to remove a tree stump from your yard without damaging fencing, driveways and other property.

Sizing up the Job

An expert will take the time to assess the stump, taking note of its size, location, proximity to likely underground hazards such as drainage and sewerage systems, and the extent of the root system. The work may need a range of equipment such as stump grinders, chainsaws and possibly a small excavator, depending on the spread of the original tree. Complications that can occur once the work starts are tree roots wrapped around underground pipes or burrowed under driveways or other structures.

Don’t Forget the Clean-up

The final step to complete the job is the debris removal, which the hired expert will arrange. By now, the stump is reduced to wood chip, so this all needs to be gathered up. Some of it can be placed on the garden to reduce evaporation, but a large stump creates more wood chip than most suburban gardens need.

If you have any large trees in your yard that become victims of the storm season, it would be wise to leave the removal to the experts and watch them work from the patio with a cold drink in your hand.

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