Versatile Excavators Made For Heavy Work

Versatile Excavators Made For Heavy Work

There is no doubt that excavators make the movement of soil, stones, debris and other ground cover a much easier task than the old days of picks, shovels and back-breaking work. Modern excavation machines are also very versatile. They come in various sizes and load capacities with a range of attachments available to suit different projects.

Available for Large and Small Projects

This versatility means that they are often used in ways that may surprise some people, especially the smaller machines. While they are used on large construction sites for specific tasks, they are also frequently seen in suburban locations taking the hard work out of a do-it-yourself project or other small-scale construction or renovation work.

The machines we have available at Dee Gees Bobcats are a good example. Along with tippers and bobcats, our experienced team operate our range of mini excavators and 1.7t to 8t excavators to complete a wide range of tasks and projects for our clients.

Common Projects Performed by Excavators

The most common tasks we are contracted to do are, for instance, trenching, demolition work, pool excavations and post hole boring. Under house excavations are also popular, especially here in Queensland. This method can double the size of a high-set house at a much-reduced cost and in a much quicker time than building an extension.

Strength and Precision make them the Perfect Machine

Our excavators are also in demand for other types of work. Using them to prepare sites for laying turf is a very effective way of removing weeds and old turf while levelling the area at the same time. We also do the preparation work for new driveways and other tasks associated with general landscaping. It is not just the precision of the machines that makes them so effective, but also the strength they can apply, moving large volumes of soil or debris and dropping it into tippers for quick removal from the site.

Mini-Excavator Perfect for Tight Spaces

Removing tree stumps from tight spaces in suburban backyards is much easier with our mini-excavator. Because there is little room for a larger machine to work without the possibility of peripheral damage to gardens, sheds and landscaping, this is the perfect machine to restore the space for other uses.

Safer for Workers and Clients

Yard cleaning is another area where our excavators can complete a job in an hour or so that could take all day if it was done manually. We demolish old sheds, remove concrete and perform other tasks that would otherwise be done using manual labour. Our excavators are not only effective but also much safer for workers and DIY clients alike.

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