Want Safety And Efficiency On Your Work Site? Remove The Rubbish

Want Safety And Efficiency On Your Work Site? Remove The Rubbish

As anyone who has built their own home will tell you, the process creates an extraordinary amount of waste material that needs to be cleared away before there is any thought of laying down a lawn. Imagine then, the piles of dirt, debris, broken tiles, timber cut-offs, wrapping material and other sundry rubbish created by larger projects such as an apartment or office building, a supermarket or industrial sheds.

Earth Moving Equipment Perfect for Quick Rubbish Removal

It is difficult keeping a house site cleared each day so that workers can go about their tasks safely. As the building sites get larger, so does the job of keeping them clear of rubbish. Greater speed and efficiency is needed to meet the time and budgetary constraints of the building contracts, and the only way to achieve this is to bring in earth moving equipment.

Professional site clearing is just one of the ways that our team at Dee Gees Bobcats provides support to the construction industry. Our range of bobcats, mini bobcats, rock grabbers and soil levellers will have your work site neat and tidy in no time. Then, our tippers will cart all the rubbish, dirt and debris off your site to an approved land fill or recycling location.

Regular Removal of Rubbish Reduces Safety Hazards

People who are not involved in the construction industry don’t realise how important it is to keep a working site clear for a couple of reasons. Firstly, efficiency decreases rapidly when trade workers are forced to walk around piles of rubbish instead of taking a direct path to the site of their next task. Secondly, good housekeeping is a major part of safety laws as statistics have proven that many serious accidents and even deaths have occurred simply because the work site was strewn with tripping hazards.

Many Discarded Materials are Health Hazards

The other issue that is often not considered is that some of this discarded material is also a health hazard. There are many different products used in construction that potentially could contain toxins. Even natural materials such as stone, will, when being cut, generate hazards like dust and other particles that if inhaled, can cause lung problems. Removing this waste regularly throughout the project reduces the likelihood that anyone on the site will be adversely affected.

While the construction industry has had its share of safety issues and is still considered to be relatively dangerous, keeping work sites clear of hazards has improved working conditions and safety over time. Whether your job is a small backyard clear up or a major construction site, we are able to meet all your requirements.

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